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Here's just a few of the many reviews our amazing customers leave us. Enjoyed your time with us? Leave us a review here.

Lindsay S.

Highly recommended! I thoroughly enjoyed this cat cafe. The cats there were very well
behaved and playful. This cafe is a great place for kids as well I came here with my daughter
and she absolutely loved it. The price was very reasonable as well $ 22.00 per person for an
hour, it comes with a cookie and a drink per person!. I live over an hour away (not even in the
state) and I will DEFINITELY come back. This is also a great place to adopt cats and/or kittens.
The owner and employees were very kind and knowledgeable about the cats, and the adoption
process. I have never actually considered adopting a cat, but after this experience I might adopt,
and definitely from the Catty Corner Cafe. this business is not only the best cat cafe EVER but it
is also an amazing cafe. Most cat cafes only serve per packaged foods and drinks but at this
cafe they serve the BEST cookies I have ever had, and their drinks were just as good. I loved
this cafe and will definitely come back, I wish I lived closer. Thank you so much for your kind
words! We appreciate your support very much! We hope you will be back soon


Janelle Peters

Visited this cafe yesterday and was so impressed. The cookies (we chose double chocolate) were fantastic and both the owner and her employee couldn't have been more pleasant. The environment is very calming and she has amazing cat trees and comfy seating for your visit. The 14 cats that we visited with were so sweet and loving. Ben is my fav! My 6 year old said that it was the "best day ever'. Thank you for bringing this gem to Leesburg.

soft rabbit

This was one of the best cat cafe experiences I’ve ever had! The facilities are cute, cozy, and well decorated. All the cats were extremely sweet, friendly, and playful - most loved being pet and all were calm. The cookies were also delicious, very soft and warm! The employees were very nice and friendly, too. We didn’t feel rushed and the atmosphere was relaxed. We will definitely come back to play with the cats again!

Jenny H.

I am so glad I drove the extra hour to come to this cat cafe. It is one of the best I have
ever seen. The owner was friendly and welcoming and the cookies were delicious! I have been
to many cat cafes but these were the friendliest cats I have ever met. The decor is beautiful and
the ambience is perfect. I can’t wait to visit again when I am in town. Thank you Heather.

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