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Catty Corner Cafe Menu

"Buy a dog, save a cat"

The Mew-Yorker - sauerkraut, onions spicy mustard, cheese, &                                                                             chili $7.95

Hot Dogs

The Windy Kitty - poppy seed bun, celery salt, relish, mustard, pickle                                               spear, peppers, tomatoes, & onions $7.95

The Kitten - ketchup, mustard, & relish $5.95


Chili $3.50

Tater-Tots $3.50

Chili-Tots with Cheese $4.95

* each dog comes with a side of kettle chips & a cookie of your choice


Can Soda $1.50

Juice Box $1.00

Coffee $2.00

Snapple $2.50

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